Thursday, March 8, 2012

please watch.

In highschool I wanted to go to a school that I wasn't zoned for which meant I would have to get into a magnet program in order to attend. I planned on applying for the visual arts program but had missed the open house for it so instead my dad brought me to another open house they were having for a different magnet program, just so I could see the school. We ended up attending the CIS open house, Center for International Studies, and I fell in love with the program. I applied for it and got in, now trying to stay in it is a whole other story, I didn't have the best grades. But anyway I really enjoyed the classes, we learned all about other cultures, beliefs, and people. I got to meet so many people from other parts of the country. We hosted a girl from Thialand as well as France {who I'm still friends with and talk to}, I also met other students from Japan. I loved learning about how others lived and dreamed of traveling all over the world and visiting every country. One of the countries we talked a lot about was Africa.

My friend Jenna posted something today that I couldn't help but copy. Watching the video made me think of the magnet program I was in. I'm sure we would have done some kind of fundraiser to help raise funds for the mission, and maybe even partner with them in some way. I'm not sure who is in charge of the program now, the teacher who was director of the program when I was in it died of breast cancer a few years after we graduated. But I'm sure if she was still there she would be teaching the students about this video and they would do something to help, that's the kind of program she created.

Take 30 min and watch the video below if you haven't see it already. After watching it I feel like I've heard of the concept, maybe from a movie, but had no idea who Joseph Kony is.


Amazing huh? Post it on your blog, facebook, whatever to help spread the word. I know I promised projects, they're coming. I've been taking care of a sick household and have had very little sleep so I'm kind of in zombie mode at the moment but had to share this video. Hopefully tomorrow I can share a project with you!


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