Friday, April 6, 2012

Easter egg hunt bags.

Since Easter is this weekend I thought I would re-post my tutorial of how I made my boys Easter bags last year, just in case you're a last minute person like me and still need to find an Easter basket for your kids. I love this idea because they can be used other than just at Easter, at the beach, a sleepover, a trip, even for Halloween candy bags. I've made them for baby shower gifts also, personalized and filled with some of my favorite baby items.

I know Easter has come and gone but because of our great computer crash I was never able to show the Easter "baskets" I made for the boys. The main reason I'm still showing you is because they can be used year round, especially during the summer for the beach, summer camp, or overnite visits with the grandparents.

What you'll need:

fabric of your choice

tote bags {can be purchased at craft stores in the t-shirt decorating aisle}

iron on webbing sheets

design or letter templates


I used a pair of my husband's old shorts he got rid of a while ago, I loved the color and kept them in my fabric stash.

Decide how you want to decorate your bag. Since I was doing a monogram I choose a font on the computer, made the size to the size I wanted on the bag, and traced the letters onto the webbing sheet right off the computer {you can always print it out but the printer wasn't hooked up to the computer when I did this and I didn't feel like going through that}. You can always use some tape to hold it on the screen while you trace {also make sure it's a soft point pen so it doesn't ruin your screen}.
Iron your fabric onto the webbing and cut out your letters or pictures. For the sail boat I just freehanded the design myself.
Peel the back of the webbing sheet off and iron onto your tote bag. Wa~la.

I wish I had made the 'S' a little larger than the other letters. After I had them cut out I realized it wasn't as large as I thought it would be against the other two.

But there you have it, an easy way to personalize a summer tote for your camp/beach go'er. I think I may add some velcro to the tops also so it can close up completely. These could be used as personalized gift bags as well for a special someone's birthday present or any occasion.

Happy Easter weekend!


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