Wednesday, April 25, 2012

linen slipcover for the little sofa.

Here is the first project I began working on at the start of the year. It's been finished for a while but like I've said before, it's so hard to get good pictures in this house due to lack of natural light, we are completely shadowed by trees, huge oak trees. This little sofa has seen a few different slipcover/upholstery re-do's but I think this is my favorite, and I'm hoping it lasts longer than the others with our crazy boys, dog, and cat.

I wanted something loose yet fitting. I love the color, and the linen is perfect!

To create it I just draped the fabric over the different sofa sections and pinned and cut and sewed. Somehow I didn't mess up, I guess I had luck on my side, not to mention it took me a couple of months on and off, I didn't want to rush it. I even left the bottom edges raw, the kind of finished raw that the manufacturer creates on the sides of fabric to it doesn't unravel on the roll. For now I don't mind the look, however I left enough fabric that in the future if I want to finish it I can.

Here is my inspiration picture, I have always loved this picture. Wouldn't it be wonderful to curl up in that chair and read a book or watch a movie? I want a trunk/coffee table like this one as well. The dog is pretty cute too.
  Just a little tip if you attempt a project like this. If you plan on ever washing your homemade slipcover in the future, make sure you pre-shrink the fabric by washing it first before cutting or sewing any of it. I've washed mine probably close to 10 times already {I told you our boys are crazy} and while I've noticed a little shrinkage it still fits well and the linen allows it to stretch and grow the more people sit/ jump on it after it's been put back on the sofa. When I dry mine in the dryer I use little to no heat to help prevent any more shrinkage. Do you have any tips for homemade slipcovers?


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