Monday, May 28, 2012

client e-design update.

Happy Memorial Day!

Remember my e-design client that wanted a french cottage style in her living room and breakfast nook? here is the board I came up for her. The goal was to lighten up her space and bring in the blue she was now craving.

Here is a picture she sent me before. Their previous house was done in all red, black, and gold and when they bought this house she just used all of the same things she had before.

Here it is today, in a process stage. Actually in the middle of beginning the re-design her husband got a new job which now means that they will be moving to another city. She plans on continuing the re-design in the new house but for now I thought I'd show you what she has done so far.

By eliminating all of the dark red, blacks, and golds, the space looks so much larger, brighter, and lighter.

We had plans to create some window seating on either side of the fireplace as well as add another window to the right side of the fireplace to create some symmetry bu those things will have to wait until the next owner for now. Do you notice the script fabric for the pillow on the sofa, love it!

Some new pillows made from the bosporus fabric sit on the two arm chairs. And you can barely see it in the pictures but a new natural jute rug was chosen to replace the red and black one that was there before.

Here is the breakfast nook that adjoins the room. Again it looked dark with all of the dark cabinets, furniture, and rug.

New white slipcovered parsons chairs were purchased to sit around the table which automatically lightened up the space. However the focal point and huge softening feature added to the room are the buffalo check curtains.

There are still plans to re-paint the hoosier cabinet to a blue grey color but so far I think there is a huge difference. It now looks so cozy and comfortable to sit down to dinner with friends and family.

Katy has promised on letting me peek into her new home once they move and I'll be sure to share more after pictures with you once things get moving again. Good luck Katy on the move and congratulations to your husband on his new job. If anyone is looking to purchase a home in Canyon, Texas email me and I'll send you the link of their home's listing. Thanks for letting us all peek into your beautiful home!

Next home tour will be my sister's house. The builder's are moving right along and they will be closing in less than a month from now...  the the fun  begins! I have a feeling a lot of my summer will be spent in Charlotte, NC painting and decorating! I'll share how it's coming along soon! And speaking of my sister, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!


Saturday, May 26, 2012

why May has been crazy!

I've been a MIA this month, it's been busy. Here's a little peak into how our May has gone so far:

We rang in the month celebrating a 4th birthday with this guy.

When we asked him to show us how many he now was this was his version of 4, he's the weirdo in the family who would come up with this combination of fingers to use! He keeps us rolling with laughter all day long!

The day after all three of them began swimming lessons.

He loved the water.

He was pretty good too but prior experiences had him extremely cautious.

And this one hated it his first time. Poor guy! But I'm happy to say that last night was their last class and all three of them are swimming on their own! We were so proud of them we went out for ice cream for dinner afterwards! The 2 older ones even LOVE diving to the bottom of the pool to fetch rings! If you want your kids in swimming lessons and have the Sharks and Minnows company in your area, they are completely worth it and so great to work with!

This guy finished his soccer season as well, so glad we are done having to get up early on Saturday mornings for games.

In the middle of the game I found him doing a dance. Completely oblivious to the fact that everyone else was on the other end of the field playing the game! He's so like his mama when it comes to sports, distracted by everything and not interested in the game!

In this play he went up to kick the ball, and somehow he ended up falling head first on the ground. He sat our for the rest of them game. He hadn't been into the game all that much but I told him it was his last game so he had to give it his all and try to pay attention to where the ball was. He was trying to get a goal for his team here and something went wrong. He was heart broken that he didn't end up scoring for his team. They ended up winning anyway.

Here he is after the game showing off his medal he won for the season. He wasn't that into taking a picture, can you tell he had been crying from the pain?

On Mother's day this guy rode his first carousel. I'm not sure he knew what to think when I put him on the panda bear he choose.

But when it started to move up and down he was in heaven! I think he would have rode it all day long if we had let him!

These two loved it too!

We've been spending a lot of time at Disney lately too, especially after the soccer games. They have a fun fountain with popping water the boys like to play in.

So we spend the day there so they can cool off and I can sit in the shade and relax. After the water fun we visit the stores and play at all of the fun stores.

Our month isn't over yet. Tomorrow the two little ones are being baptized in the church I grew up in and went to school at. I'm hoping the same priest of baptized me will baptize them if he's back from Ireland yet. I also get to snuggle with my best friend's little boy who is down for the baptism. Then we have Ryan's last week of school, he's ending a week early due to our family reunion vacation which I will be going crazy packing for next week. Is anyone from or familiar with the Gatlinberg Tennessee area and can recommend some fun things to do there? I'm looking for things that you can only experience there, maybe some fun hiking trails or waterfalls to visit? And I'm always up for any great antique stores that may be around town.

You probably won't hear from me too often over the next couple of weeks but I do have a few things planned for you while I'm away. Hope you all have had a fun May and are getting ready for summer fun to begin!


PS- I was super upset about Picnik closing, they were my one and only photo editing tool I used however I came across PicMonkey and I think I like it. It's all free and they don't seem to have any "premium" actions like Picnik had that were limited to you unless you were a member. They have a ton of actions to play around with. Go on over and take a look. I used the site for all of the carousel pictures in this post.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

the bunk room's new look.

I had mentioned in a previous post that the boys were split up from their shared room a couple of months ago. The little one learned how to climb out of his crib in the middle of a fit one evening and it was all over after that. We tried to get him to sleep in the crib turned toddler bed but he wanted to sleep in his brother's big boy bed instead. That meant someone had to go to the playroom/guestroom . The oldest volunteered was bribed into having his own room. Now that the two little ones were in the original bunk room alone the middle one didn't want to sleep on the top bunk, and there was no way I was letting a then 23 month old sleep on the top so apart came the bunk beds.

To save trouble and more frustration we left the beds the way they were once the top bunk was lifted off and onto the floor. If you look closely the bed on the right is higher off the floor than the one on the left. It was previously the top bunk. We left the rails on as they were perfect for keeping the little one on the bed and not falling onto the floor in the middle of the night. And yes the bottom drawer of the dresser broke, i have plans for that but it will have to wait for another day.

The painting on the right was the inspiration for the room, i love it's colors and knew that was the look and style I wanted for the room.


The beds are from Macy's furniture clearance center about 4 1/2 years ago but they are usually a stock item and are always there. The quilts are the Madras Quilts from PB Kids. Denim pillows are from a going out of business Dillards about 3 years ago. The front striped pillows and the red lumbar pillow on the chair are Ralph Lauren from Marshalls about a year ago. Middle pillows are vintage, were my grandparents. All of the art was found at thrift stores and flea markets except the large fish picture, it is a Cavellinni paper in a Hobby Lobby frame and matted. The dresser is old, my sisters growing up but painted in Attitude Grey by SW, my favorite dark grey. The chair {painted an oops grey} and lamp was found at Goodwill and spray painted lagoon by Rustoleum I believe. The shade is from Target years ago. The pendant banner I made from fabric scraps. The rug is Ikea. And the walls are painted Antique Beige by Behr, not a huge fan of it but it's better than the pink and blue that was throughout the house when we moved in.

I think I like it much better put together like this instead of how it was before, plus it's much easier making a twin bed than a bunk bed. I have two more things for the room I want to add, a large black and white photo of each of the boys over the sides of their beds, but not sure when that will happen. I'll keep you updated when it does though! Oh and curtains but more than likely they won't go up in this house since we only have a couple more months left here.

{You can see how the room looked like when we first moved in here.}


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