Thursday, May 10, 2012

taming the mess under our sink.

Under our kitchen sink was looking a bit jungle like. We pretty much just threw whatever under there and there was no longer any rhyme or reason to it.

Not sure why I felt the need to keep every single plastic container that entered our house but I did. Every shape, size and most of the lids and containers didn't even fit each other.

Every time we would open the cabinet they would all fall out on to the floor so it was a race to try and get what we needed out before they all fell.

I finally had a few minutes to try and organize the space. Here is the after.

I kept only a few of the containers. Not sure I will even need this many at one time but at least I have enough to feel comfortable if we have a large dinner with left overs but not so many that they take over the cabinet.

See all tucked in nice and easy to get to.

I cleaned out that bin with all of the plastic bags and aluminum foil and whatnot. Much easier to grab bags now for lunch. And all of the plastic store bags that I usually keep because we use them to line the bathroom trash cans are now gone, except a couple. I can get to my cleaners so much easier now and they're not all falling and spilling all over the place.

It feels so much larger and it's refreshing to know I can easily find the thing I need under there now without getting knocked over on the floor by falling pieces. Now I have to tackle the pantry, that's a whole other story!

What organizing have you done lately? Any fast 20 minute organizing projects you'd recommend doing to make life easier?


PS- Did you notice how bright my pictures came out? I found a setting on my camera to take good pictures in this house and not the dull looking ones that it used to take. Now I just need to figure out the new google + photo thing to be able to edit them down a little, because yes they are a little yellow.

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