Thursday, June 28, 2012

breakfast nook tour.

Next up on the home tour is the breakfast nook. There's not much of a dining room in this house so this is really the only place for our table to go. I just re-finished the table, or rather un-finished the table but I'll get to that in another post.

I picked up this basket in a $2 grab bag from Micheal's. Does your local Micheal's do that? There was some other junk items in the bag but I really only purchased it for this basket. It holds our napkins and fruit bowl. Best $2 spent ever.

My small but hopefully growing collection of blue transferware. You can also see our family cottage name sign hanging there. Next to those closet doors {the laundry} is the front door. Not much of an entryway at all.

Viewing the space from the entry way. This view makes the space look larger than it is. Also the leaf is not in the table at the moment, it's waiting for it's makeover to match.

The view from the actual kitchen {which is not a great sight so I won't waste your time with ugly builder grade pieces}. The curtains were actually 2 that I cut each in half so I would have cafe style curtains in here.

My vintage framed chalkboard is here. Currently it is holding our summer to do list. {You can see it as our Christmas countdown here.}

That completes that room/space. It's pretty tight especially when we have family gatherings but I guess it's better than nothing. I dream of a larger area in which a homemade farmhouse table can reside with at least 8-10 chairs comfortably sitting around it, big enough for all of our family gatherings and holidays... someday.

You can see this space ready for the holidays here.

{I've also added a home tour page up there on top. There you can view all of the rooms I have decorated for us in our current and previous homes. And get a sneak peek of tomorrow's room tour, the family room.}

Hope you enjoyed!

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I love the cafe curtains...and the added touch of blue plates!

Rosemary@villabarnes said...

I love grab bags. That basket was a great buy. Love what you did with the curtains.

Laurel Stephens said...

I love your table and mismatched chairs. What a cute room. I've just added a chalk board to my dining room, and have yet to write anything on it. Yours has inspired me to get a move on - it looks great!

Katie @ Clarendon Lane said...

Love the curtains! Where did you get them/it?

Unknown said...

Wow, that looks adorable! Love the curtains and the table.

aimee @

Traci said...

What a cutebreakfast nook. Love your table and mismatched chairs, super cute.

✿ⒹⒺⒺ✿@ A Lapin Life said...

I love your basket and your mismatched chairs. The curtains are beautiful.


Patricia Moller said...

I love those angelic curtains that you got. Helps usher in the lighting. I'm thinking of buying roller shutters but they are very costly in terms of unit price and installation. I'm thinking about drapes or curtains.

Anonymous said...

If I were to have a breakfast nook like this in my apartment in legaspi village, I think I’m gonna love to eat my breakfast there every day!

Anna Lebrun said...

I would definitely prefer a kitchen that looks like this one! If I happen to look for a kitchen table that looks like this, I’m going to contact the self storage perth right away to help us with the delivery.

Neil Pennington said...
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Curtis Gantt said...

Perth storage baskets are beautiful and brawny. I love buying fruit baskets there because I usually change the table cloth of our dining table so I want my baskets to have different designs.

Loiusse Campbell said...
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Derrick Patterson said...
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Anonymous said...

Nice dining room! Your floor looks like it's made of cherry hardwood... is it? -Charlotte

Bethany Morrison said...

I agree, your dining is really nice. It looks so cozy and homey, and that chalkboard is such a nice touch. When we move into our new home, I want ours to be as cozy as this one.

-Bethany Morrison

Anonymous said...

I love the style of your house, specially the floor! But the last time we had wooden floors, we had a termite infestation. A good pest control management did the job, but the damage was intolerable, we had to move again. -- Alyssa

Cadence Vaughan said...

I always enjoy looking for home improvement sites because it gives me inspiration for our home. I agree with everyone, your dining room looks very simple and nice. -Cadence

Anonymous said...

It is nice to know that I’m not the only one who thinks the same way. I purchased it for the basket as well.