Friday, June 22, 2012

deals and steals for making your patio summer ready.

I was in Target the other day and came across some great deals I thought I would share. 
If you're looking for some patio chairs to spend some lazy summer days in, Target has them in pretty much any color you can imagine.

The price? $8.70 each! I'm more of a neutral kind of gal so I would probably choose the natural/tan color you see in the far back there or the black but if you want some color this summer these chairs could definitely do the trick for you! Not sure the quality but at less then $9 per chair they are a pretty good buy even if you can only get one summer out of them, but I'm pretty sure you could get more!

I love decorative lanterns as well and have been wanting some but they are usually so expensive so when I came across these I snatched 2 of them up.

Can you see their prices? $2.98 for the small, and $4.98 for the large. They aren't huge but would look super cute on an outdoor table with a flameless candle inside them, fire safety comes first, I forgot to see how much the little hanging votives are but I'm sure they are super cheap too. These are another fun and cheap way to get some color on your patio, or you can bring them indoors too. I bought black, surprised?

And I was super excited to see that their Privet House collection is on clearance now. This isn't the best picture sorry, but I picked up a few of these glasses for $4.18 each. I love the netted "coozie" on them, not sure if there is an official name for them. I would love to get some of the toile tumblers they have too but our Target was out of that design. Have you seen them? If you're a toile lover you might want to pick up a few.

I'm sure there are some more really good deals at Target right now but I didn't have too much time to browse with 3 hungry little boys with me. If you've seen something fun there lately feel free to let us all know in the comments.

If any of these things are calling your name I'd snatch them up before they're all gone, happy shopping!

{I have no affiliation with Target, just thought I'd pass along some good deals I found while out and about one day}


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