Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Ryan's bedroom tour.

In case you missed my guest post over at Denise's last week where I gave a tour of our home, I thought I would give you one here over the next few days.

First up is my oldest son's room. {You can read all about why we switched him to his own room here.}
This is what you see when you first enter into the room. The dresser was an $8 thrift store find a few years ago. The globes as well as the printer drawer are all vintage finds from various thrift stores and flea markets.

The top painting was done by my Ryan, my oldest, soon after we found out there would soon be 5 in our family. The Union jack painting I did with some canvas I had stashed in my closet. The basket holds some favorite books of his. My boys love Legos, what little boy doesn't? However they are more into the people at the moment than building the sets they have. I saw this idea of using a printer's tray to hold all of the little Lego people. Now they know where to go to find whoever it is they are looking for.

I posted about these shams here. They were pretty much free since I bought them with a gift card I had. They set the color scheme for the room, he loves red and green is his second favorite color. They may be from the holiday collection but they work. The little pillow in front is his tooth fairy pillow. I made it after he lost his first tooth, way earlier than normal.

The comforter was one we had in storage that used to be on his and his brother's bed when his brother moved to a big boy bed.

The bedskirt that you can kind of see here is actually our queen size quilt that we weren't using at the time. My husband actually came up with this idea, I may be rubbing off on him. I needed something to hide the storage under the bed but didn't want to spend any money, he suggested using this and laying it between the springs and the mattress. It over hangs quite a bit along the wall side but it works.

The cat likes this room too. The side table was my vanity as a little girl. It was given a  fresh coat of paint and new hardware for an updated look.

He loves birds so I used some bird prints like I used in our room in some frames I painted. I gave him the choice of Star Wars pictures of birds, birds won out.

Here is the bulletin board I shared earlier last week. I hung it above their chalkboards. It has really gotten full this summer so far with all of the coloring and drawing they have done.

The chalkboards have kept them busy too if you couldn't tell. The red chest i got from JoAnn's a few years ago on clearance for a few dollars. It holds all of their costumes and dress up items, yep boys like to play dress up too, pretty much all superheroes and Star War characters.

That's it, hope you enjoyed this tour of his room. As much as he loves his new room, I think he'd much rather be with his brothers at night. Hopefully the next house will have a room big enough for all three to be in the same room together again.

Hope your week has been drier than ours. The biggest downfall to living in Florida, all the tropical storms and hurricanes we get. The boys are getting antsy with cabin fever stuck inside and I'm going crazy as well. Hopefully it will be over with soon! Send us some sun if you will please!!!

Tomorrow I'll share our breakfast nook.


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chameleonathome said...

This is a great looking room. So good to show that it can be well done on a budget. Bravo!

Brandi said...

Wow! Such a gorgeous room! You pulled everything together beautifully.

Niki said...

Love the globes and the union jack together. Very nice room.

Sami said...

I love it you did such a great job!

must love junk said...

Just found you and am your newest follower! LOVE this room! Just my style :)

the cape on the corner said...

it looks great-i love the whole dresser vignette-and so kid friendly, too.

MJ @ 517 Creations said...

Love the room! I am on the lookout for a printer's drawer for that same reason. :) Great job!

* popping over from Fabulously Creative Friday