Saturday, June 9, 2012

we're back from Tennessee.

We're back from our trip to Tennessee. Every other year we meet up with all of my husband's family for a mini family reunion vacation. This year Tennessee in the Pigeon Forge area was the location picked to all meet up at. This picture was taken when we had to stop, just 40 minutes away from our final destination, after the little one got sick in the car. The boys did a little sight seeing while I worked on cleaning the car.

We hiked up to Laurel Falls one day.

And this gorgeous waterfall was at the top to greet us. Poor hubby pushed a double stroller, most of the time with a child in it, up the entire hike, it was paved, but steep in a lot of areas. The picture of the little one below is how many of his always turn out. You ask him to say cheese and look at you, finally he will look up and yell cheese at the top of his lungs.

Another day we went into Gatlinburg and toured the Ripley's aquarium. It was good but after going to the Georgia aquarium years ago, all others have a hard time competing against it. The boys loved getting into these "bubbles" and pretending to be swim with the fish.

This is the house we all rented for the week. With 14 adults and 11 children {and one on the way} it's hard to find a house big enough to fit all of us and our stuff but this one was just right.

We were at the top of Hatcher Mountain and here are some shots of the view we had.

We awoke one morning to see the clouds still wrapped around some of the neighboring mountains.

And one of the many lovely sunsets we watched each night.

The boys had so much fun with all of their cousins, this is all of them ages 8 through 1 year old. We were a little worried about how they would get along since they tend to only see each other during these trips but they began playing with each other like they had never skipped a beat, a wonderful sight for all of us parents to watch all week long.

And while this picture may make it look like we slept well, don't let it fool you. There were very late nights and very early mornings, and that cute little one in the middle woke up just about every night and would just scream, kick, and fight for an hour or two. Not sure what was going on with him but we lost some much needed sleep from his middle of the night tantrums.

Overall it was a blast and we can't wait until the next one so we can see everyone again. I did pop in to a couple of antique stores while I was up there and purchased a few really old but pretty books.

Summer is officially here and I think I'm ready for it... maybe! Are you going anywhere fun for summer break?


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