Tuesday, July 31, 2012

preppy boys room design.

We'll be moving soon... again. Where? Well you're guess is as good as mine, literally! We know we will be out of our current rental at the end of Aug, from there we're not sure where we will be, but that hasn't stopped me from dreaming about the future house we will live in. We are hoping to find a place that has a bedroom large enough for all 3 boys to be in. Right now our two youngest share a room after the littlest insisted on sleeping in a big boy bed only and we were able to convince our oldest to sleep in what was the playroom/guestroom. I love the bedding each of their beds have currently but because we will have to find a third bed that looks similar to the bunk beds we have now and paint it black, I wanted as much other symmetrical items in the room as possible to keep it from looking to hodged podged. Here is the plan I've come up with:

I was lucky enough to find some posters that have a bit of a meaning to them rather than just any random poster. One of them is an ad for a musical called Brothers, perfect for a room being shared by 3 brothers, my husband is from Puerto Rico so the Puerto Rican one has the right colors and isn't as random as other locations would be, and the athletics ones I'm not in love with but they do like sports and it fit better than others I saw. You can view them all here. They are a good price and add a good pop of color and graphics to a room. I'm also planning on doing a paper mache project and creating our own animal head. I'm completely against real heads but these fake, ceramic looking ones I think are fun and whimsical, plus my family is from Vermont and these are pretty common amongst the walls. Matching bedding form Ikea, as well as matching chests, one for each, and a big basket to store some toys in will finish it off. The boys like it and I'm excited about it too... now just to find a house!


Monday, July 30, 2012

sister's blue guest room.

We are starting the week off with one of my sister's guest rooms. We've named this room the blue room. Originally it was the white room but after my my cousin saw both rooms and I asked him what he thought about the blinds in the white room he informed that both rooms were white. Technically theya re both white with paint but this room has white bedding and curtains. So we've decided to call it the blue room instead. This is the temporary guest room and will become the nursery when a little one arrives. It was decorated using things she already had.

One of the french script lamps made it in here, you can see how I made the shade in this post.

While this was supposed to be a secodary guest room until a baby arrives I actually kind of like how this one turned out the best. It's bright and relaxing. Perfect to treat overnight guests to! I'll share her main guest room later this week so keep checking in!


Friday, July 27, 2012

sister's dining room reveal.

Here's the final reveal of my sister's dining room.
I showed the transformation of the chairs yesterday here.

I love these pillows. They are the same Ralph Lauren pillows as in the living room but in a tan color. The color is almost the same exact color as their sofa so it ties the rooms together well. That rug in the picture also was a great price as well, I believe only $15 for a 2'x3'. It's a deep navy on a natural jute from HomeGoods of course..

Between the stairs and the fridge is the buffet {from IKEA}. I painted the mirror, it used to be black in her old home.

And a fun birdcage that ties into the stair wall art, I'll show that later on.

This is probably the only room that is really done. Since these pictures were taken, curtains matching those in the living room were hung on the patio doors. I'll try to get an updated photo to show you. Have a happy weekend!


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