Monday, July 23, 2012

DIY upholstered headboard.

Hi friends! I'm back finally... sometimes life doesn't go as planned so I'm so sorry for the long hiatus I ended up taking. Me and the boys went up to NC to visit my sister and begin decorating her new house. We were only supposed to be there for a week but due to other issues we decided to stay up for an extra week, I think they were so glad to get rid of us after 2 weeks! Then somewhere between Charlotte, NC and Orlando, Fl I picked up not only the flu but strep throat as well. Who ever was traveling while being sick with those two viruses is crazy! Stay in bed see a doctor and don't get up until you are 100% better! Otherwise a mom of 3 little boys driving by herself on a 9 hour car trip will catch it and fall apart halfway through the destination! It started getting rough by the time I reached I4 but I finally made it, and then spent the next week in bed while hubby took off work to play Mr. Mom. Luckily I kept my self distanced from everyone locking myself in my bedroom so on one else got it, I don't remember the last time I was that sick! So glad to be over it now.

And now it's time to finally share what I did at my sister's house. None of the rooms except one of the guest rooms is 100% but it's almost there. Their master is missing furniture, the main guest is missing the proposed art on the walls, the living room is missing a couple pieces of new furniture and added accessories, and so on. But at least you will get the gist of it.

The first project I'll share with you is the upholstered headboard for their master room. I've been wanting to make one of these for a while and was so glad when she was up for my idea of it. You can see the original room design plan here.Her mind had changed since that was created so we were now going for a calming, airy, romantic feel for the room. She wanted a linen upholstered headboard so that's where I came in. After looking at options online we decided it would be cheaper to make one ourselves.

Here's what you will need:

~piece of plywood cut to your desired size that will fit your bed {they have a king and we had it cut to 6'4" x 3'}

~foam in your desired thickness, I believe the one we got was about 1 1/2 inches thick but there wasn't a sign on it so I'm not sure exactly.

~quilters batting to stretch over the entire thing.

~your choice of fabric large enough to be able cover one side of the board and wrap around a few inches onto the opposite side, we purchased 2 1/2 yards.

~some fabric/tacky spray.

~a staple gun with staples.

~a hammer.

~upholstery nails/trim if you decide to go that route.

~hanging hardware {pictured later on in the post}

Start by laying your piece of plywood in a cleared out space on the floor. Lay your foam on top. If you're doing nail head trim on yours make sure to keep about 3/4 -1 inch of your plywood showing around the boarder, this will make it easier for you to attach the nail head trim. It should look like this around the boarder. If you're not doing nail head then go ahead and let the foam be flush with the plywood ends.

Because the store we went to didn't have any foam that was 3' wide to reach the top to bottom of the headboard, we had to get enough to be able to piece it together. The lady and the counter cut an extra piece half of the size of the larger piece and then cut that second piece in half so when it was put together it looked like this. In most cases that will cut the piece of you the exact dimensions if you have them.

However when we put everything together, the second and third pieces overhung just a bit so I drew a line down them where they needed to be cut and just cut them with scissors. Once you have the foam the right size, take each piece outside and spray each one individually with the tacky spray and then place it in it's spot carefully, you may want a helper with this just so it lines up right. {a little trick I did was once I had my foam lined up and cut correctly I marked where the corners were so when I brought in my sprayed piece I knew exactly where to place it.}

After the foam was in place it was time to wrap it in the batting. We only had enough for one layer of batting and it was still pretty soft but you can always do 2 if you want it extra padded. Lay it on top and then have someone help you pick it up and wrap the batting around the entire piece and carefully lay the board batting side down so you can attach the batting.

Just staple all the way around pulling the sheet so it is snug all the way around. Be sure to check for an wrinkles after you have stapled one side to the board by lifting it back up and running your hand over it.

It will look like this after your done and have the extra trimmed off.

And the front.

Next take your fabric and lay it out over the batting layer. If it needs ironing you can just iron it right there. I would iron even if it doesn't look like it needs it, it will make it look prettier and more professional.

Then do the same thing with the fabric as you did the batting. Stapling and pulling the fabric to get it tight all the way around. Again remember to smooth out any wrinkles after you have stapled the first side down just like you did the batting.

Here is how I did the corners. Lay the corner of the fabric over the corner of the board like this as if you're wrapping it. you can see a bit of the corner there poking under the fabric at the bottom.

Then start with one side and fold the extra fabric onto the board like you're doing a present.

And same with the opposite side, so it looks like this.

And staple staple staple so it is secure and won't fall out of place. I had some little helpers as you can see from this picture, love those little toes!

I had to include this picture despite how horrible I look. The middle one apparently took my camera while I was working on the other corner and stared shooting pictures of the process, can we say future blogger? And yes I do many projects in my PJ's, it's comfier!

Here it is dressed in it's pretty little linen dress and ready for it's jewelery.

We decided on nail head trim to finish it off which we ordered from ebay. I'll let you know the vendor's name if you interested after getting it from my sister. If you've never used this trim before it's pretty simple and easy to use. Not all are the same but this one you nail every 5th bead where there is a little hole. This vendor sold the upholstery tacks along with the trim but I did see that some did not come with the tacks as well so read carefully when you are purchasing some to see if it comes with the tacks or if you need to purchase them separately.

With a hammer lightly tap the tacks into the hole attaching the trim to the board.

When you're done it will look like this.

Here's a closeup of the trim.

To hang it we attached 2 D-rings to either top corner of the back, 4 in in and 4 in down was my measruing method here so they would be even and level once hung.

Here is what the packaging looks like for them.

This wasn't planned but when my littlest peeled the backing off of one of these felt bumpers I decided to use it so the hardware didn't scratch the wall. I just placed one next to each hook like this.

We found this at the hardware store and decided to use two of these as the anchors in the wall. I was planning on using Hercules hooks but the ones she had found only held smaller weights so these I felt more than comfortable with since each one can hold up to 200lbs.

In reality the headboard probably only weighs about 40 lbs but at least I know it's not going anywhere with these. It works similar to a hercules hook but has this medal plate that helps to support it by using 3 long nails to attache it to the wall as well. It will look like this once it's installed completely.

If everything is measured correctly your DIY headboard should be leveled and looking pretty. I don't have the exact price of what everything cost but I know it was under $100, and really depending on what fabric you use it could be less or more, as well as what size you are making.

It looks so good and I'm so happy it wasn't a flop! I want to make one for us after our next move. I think I'm over our huge large black bed. I think this is also a good option for a head board for those who move around a lot like us, it's lighter than our canopy bed, a lot easier to move, and will still give us a nice stylish looking bed.

I would love to see your version if you do one. Maybe we can have a show and share day here with these if I have anyone emails me their homemade headboards.

I'll share more of their room with you tomorrow.


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