Monday, July 30, 2012

sister's blue guest room.

We are starting the week off with one of my sister's guest rooms. We've named this room the blue room. Originally it was the white room but after my my cousin saw both rooms and I asked him what he thought about the blinds in the white room he informed that both rooms were white. Technically theya re both white with paint but this room has white bedding and curtains. So we've decided to call it the blue room instead. This is the temporary guest room and will become the nursery when a little one arrives. It was decorated using things she already had.

One of the french script lamps made it in here, you can see how I made the shade in this post.

While this was supposed to be a secodary guest room until a baby arrives I actually kind of like how this one turned out the best. It's bright and relaxing. Perfect to treat overnight guests to! I'll share her main guest room later this week so keep checking in!


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