Thursday, July 26, 2012

sister's dining room chairs and table.

Before moving into their new house, my sister and her husband didn't have a proper dining set.  They went on a hunt and scored a table on clearance from PB for only $300! It will be great when kids come along because it is distressed already. My kids have a habit of forking the table when they eat, you don't have to worry about that with this table. PB has already put fork marks and other "dings" in it to hide wear from everyday use, even with kids! And it fits 8 comfortably and could squeeze in another or two if needed. For a collected look she, my mom, and I began daily searches on Craigslist for the perfect french country looking chairs. The head chairs are wicker and from IKEA for less than $30 a piece. I forget how much 4 of these ladder back cane chairs were but I know they were no more than $100. They were in great condition however they needed a major paint job.

Here is the before:

And the after:

It took coats and coats of primer and spray paint to get them looking like this but I finally got them to how I was envisioning them. Funny story, while I was painting these one day, my sister had a guy from KB {who they bought the house from} come over to check on their stove that wasn't working properly and since she and my brother in law were at work I was in charge of answering the door and talking with him about the issue. A few minutes after he left my middle one came up to me and asked me what was on my face. I said I don't know what does it look like. He said it was white. I figured I got a speck of paint on me from painting the chairs and went into the bathroom to clean it off. When I looked in the mirror I had a HUGE slash of white paint covering my entire right cheek! How I didn't know I got that much paint on my face while I was painting I have no idea! I can only imagine what the guy thought when I answered the door. Hopefully he saw the chairs and my whole paint set up out on the patio and figured I was head deep in a major painting project. My sister and I laughed about it forever that night when I told her what had happened... definitely not one of my finest moments! I'll be back tomorrow with the full dining room reveal!


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