Tuesday, July 24, 2012

sister's master bedroom progress.

Yesterday I showed you my sister's new headboard I made while I was up visiting her. Here is the progress on their master bedroom. This is the room that needs the most work still.

Across from their bed is their tv and some of their favorite wedding photos in IKEA Ribba frames.

Are you wondering what that piece of blue tape is below sticking out form the TV?

They don't have their dressers yet so I measured where the dresser will stand once it arrives so I could hang the pictures at the right height. As of now the TV is sitting on this table which will be painted and moved to the entryway once it's no longer needed here.

The walls were painted BM's Horizon. It's a really pretty soft blue green grey color, it looks different throughout the day with the amount of light hitting it.

Still left to do before it's complete: hang curtains, find his and her nightstands, bring in the dressers, and accessorize. I promise I'll share as progress continues. I'm excited to see it finished, it's going to be such a calming retreat for them!

I'll share more of the projects I worked on there tomorrow!


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