Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Have any of you created a custom name domain for your blog? As in your web address would not have after your url? it would simply say instead?  I tried setting this up yesterday but after I put in my credit card info and pressed next a blank page came up. I waited thinking it had to load something but nothing came up. I tried it again and now after the step where I agree to the terms of service it tells me:  We found an existing order for this domain. Please contact support.    

Has anyone else come across this problem? Where do I view my order and how do I contact support? The only support I find is a forum so unless someone sees my post and knows the answer I will get nothing! So frustrating and not what I need right now! Did I tell you we're moving? Yeah we have to be out of this house in 2 1/2 weeks and we don't even have another house lined up yet! It will all depend on the job my husband is interviewing for. If he gets it we will need to live somewhere completely different than if he stays with his current company. Talk about stress! My house looks like a a tornado came through, there are boxes everywhere and piles of things throughout! And don't even get me started on schools. School is in on Monday around here and I have no idea where they are going to go! ARRRRRR!

Thanks for letting me vent! And if you know how to fix my blog issue please please please let me know!!!!

Hope you're having a less frustrating time right now!


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Britney Jean said...

Wish I could help! I did this for a different blog account than the one I'm commenting with, but I did it through not through blogger's service.

Good luck!