Sunday, August 19, 2012

issue resolved... and a new address.

For those of you who heard my cry for help last week I'm happy to announce my issues with the custom domain are over! yeah! After letting it "rest" for a few days I tried again and it finally worked... which means Winder and Main can now be found at instead of my old blog address Makes much more sense now doesn't it? Don't worry, the old address will still redirect you to the new one so there's no need to update your reader. I'm just glad my address corresponds with my blog name now.

Now if we can only figure out where we will be calling home in less than 2 weeks! I'll probably be a bit absent over the next few weeks with the move and scrambling to find a home, but I'll try to chime in whenever possible! If you are still in summer mode enjoy your last few days/weeks, if you're in back to school mode enjoy your new morning schedules! We start school tomorrow, one off to 1st grade and another off to pre-k... where does the time go?


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