Wednesday, August 1, 2012

sister's stairway gallery wall & cheap art..

For my sister's stairway walls I imagined a large art gallery of different bird paintings. We ordered 2 clearance calendars about birds, however only one ended up coming. The other got discontinued so we weren't able to add as many pictures as I was imagining, but it's always something that can grow over time.

I love using calendars as art. It's a cheap way to get some good looking art for your home. Her frames are all from the Pottery Barn gallery collection in white. And apparently I love making art galleries of birds since this is the second one, you can see the first one here.

Is that enough pictures of a stairway for you? I can picture many many more birds on the wall over time. How about you? This calendar came from Around summer time they put all of their current year calendars on major sale so you can score them as low as $3 sometimes! Not bad when you get 12 pictures for a gallery wall. Just make sure you place your order quickly or the calendar you want may run out and you're stuck with only one when you really needed 2 at least!


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