Monday, October 15, 2012

autumn scents.

Today I thought I would share with you some of my favorite candles for the autumn season. This is my favorite time of year!! I pretty much always have a candle lit whenever I'm home letting the pumpkin and fall aroma fill up the house. It hasn't really felt like fall until just a few days ago when the weather dropped a bit and jeans and a long sleeve shirt felt good to wear outside. 

The first candle on the list I think is my favorite this year. It's scent is Orange Cinnamon. It's delicious!

A friend gave it to me when she came over a few weeks ago so I'm not too sure of where it can be purchased. I know she reads the blog occasionally so maybe she can chime in in the comments, Victoria?

It lasts pretty long too. It almost looks as though it's never been used even though I've used it every day since I received it.

The second candle on my list is by Yankee Candle, how could one of theirs not make the list of the best smelling candles? 

This one is spiced pumpkin and is the perfect scent for fall. It reminds me of fall baking and pumpkin bread, yum!

Although you can easily go to the Yankee candle store or Bed Bath and Beyond and probably find this candle, I scored mine for a great price at Marshall's. If you love Yankee candles but can't bring yourself to pay the price for one don't forget to check out discount stores like Marshall's, TJ Maxx, and HomeGoods.

The last one on my list is one I use each year. It is the cheapest and probably the easiest to find as it comes form Walmart and it's only $5 for this size.

I peeled the sticker off of it but if I remember correctly it's name is pumpkin spice. It's the Mainstays brand.

It smells just as good as the others and is usually the first fall candle I lite when the season arrives.

I'm also hoping to find some of Glades new fall line in pumpkin and maple, or their apple pie scent. For some reason our grocery store hasn't gotten them in. I don't decorate too much for fall but you can always count on the yummy scent of fall to greet you at the door when you visit us, all thanks to one of these amazing smelling candles.

Do you have any favorite candles you lite for fall?


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carol jane said...

I love candles too, but I only burn soy ones. regular candles are made from petroleum, and are not so good for us, or the environment. They leave lots of black soot on walls and furniture too.