Tuesday, October 2, 2012

our master bath.

Yesterday I mentioned our master bath is the only room finished in our new home, and ironically it is usually the only room in our home that never gets touched. I think this is the best master bath we have had in all of our homes. It is plenty big enough for us and it's the first time we have had a double vanity. I told my hubby this may make me spoiled and I will never be able to go back to a bathroom with only one sink ever again!

If we owned this home I would install a shelf here in the little vanity cut out, this is what I've suggested to my sister for her guest bathroom which has the same detail, but since we don't own this home I added our little ottoman for some pattern, and warmth. I love having some sort of seating in a bathroom, you know other than the toilet.

The mirror wall is quite large so to help break it up I added this large frame between the two sinks to help fill up the space. However so it didn't look too chaotic I used glass urns filled with white toiletry items in them to keep the space light and airy.

Across from the vanity I added my old vanity from when I was a little girl since the space was large enough to allow it. It gives us even more storage in the space with a large basket underneath and allows me to use one of my milk glass lamps in the room, another item I love added to the bathroom to make it a bit more special and cozy. Antique paintings help in this department too.

Some detail shots.

Another love for the bathroom is white towels. I think it helps your own bathroom feel like a spa bathroom. Plus they are easy to keep clean with bleach compared to other colors. Oh and the closet and water room are behind those doors you can see in the photos above, in case you're wondering.


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