Monday, October 1, 2012

progress in our new master bedroom.

I'm beginning to get our bedroom put together since we moved, it's probably the fastest time it's taken me to do something to it in each of our moves. In our last house I created this bird collage above each of our bedside chests, however I soon after I could imagine it surrounding the tv, to sort of make the tv blend in a little better.

It's not done yet, I still have one more picture to hang and I think a few more added to it would make it look a little more complete. You can see here that it butts up against the door into our room, don't mind the bike my 2 year old decided to bring into the house. And I still need to find hardware for the top drawers, when I ordered new ones I didn't realize there were two different sizes, oops. I'll share before and after pictures of that makeover when it's completely finished.

So do you think the collage helps to camouflage the tv a little? Or did you like the collage design in our last home better?

One room that is finished is our master bathroom. Ironically it's the room I've always never done anything to. I'll share those pictures tomorrow.


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