Thursday, December 6, 2012

more Christmas around the house.

A little more Christmas cheer spread through out the dining room...

I'm in love with the look so I think it will be popping up for future Christmas's as well.
I made the stockings myself a few years ago. There's one for each of us but this year I'm only using two. You may remember them from last year hung in our master bedroom.

And a peek at our tree. I'll try to get some better shots of it completely. We finally bought a new tree this year and I'm really happy with it so far. It's from Walmart called the Brookfield. Although I really really want this one. But the idea of spending almost $500 on a Christmas tree didn't make hubby too happy. I'm hoping it goes on major discount after the holidays!

I love the pinecones mixed into the tree. I've kind of been going on a pine cone theme this year, not intentionally but everything I've bought to decorate with happens to have a pine cone on it.

How's your decorating going? Are you finished or still working on it, or maybe you're like me and keep tweaking everything?


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Maria Morley said...

Your decor is lovely -- and that tree is gorgeous! I love the natural elements situated on it and the pretty pinecone ornaments. Thanks for sharing the inspiration with us!