Monday, December 10, 2012

our Christmas living room.

Here is our living room decorated for Christmas. I just painted and hung the frames, just waiting on the prints so they won't be empty.

The kid's Christmas books take the place of magazines in the ottoman basket.

I don't think I've shared this rocking chair before but I love it! I found it at my favorite flea market for really cheap. My littlest loves it! We call it his chair although all 3 use it.

Some garland strung in front of the tv {mi mimicking a mantle}

A sneak peak into out bedroom which I hope will be getting a makeover after the new year.

He spent a good 5 minutes trying to blow out the candle. He didn't understand when I told him it's battery operated!

I tried a little bokah, still need to work on those skills a bit!

And the tree lit up at night. I used the same tree skirt technique as I did last year by just wrapping some fabric I had around it and shaping it into a circle. It works until the kids start wrestling and playing rough and them my circle disappears!

I have one more area left to show you, unless I kick my butt into gear and get the bedrooms done.


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