Friday, March 16, 2012

cheap and stylish duvet covers.

I received an email this morning from West Elm advertising their duvet covers at $24.99! Here are some of my favorite:

I think this one would look really cute in a beach or lake cottage with a collage of sea paint by numbers hanging above the bed.
This one is pretty neutral and could go with anything.

This one I can see in a boy's room.

And the ever so popular greek key design. King size is all that is left but still for $34.99 it's a steal.

Another great neutral that can really go with any look you want to achieve.

So just in case your bedroom could use a little spring pick me up, a duvet cover is a great way to make a big change and with these prices it's completely in reach! But be fast, the prices end today!


{West Elm has no knowledge of this post, I just thought I would share a good deal.}

Thursday, March 15, 2012

a golden lamp.

In celebration of the upcoming St. Patty's day, which by the way is also my grandmother and niece's birthday, I thought I would show you another project I used gold spray paint for.

A while back I spotted PB's wrought iron lamps and fell in love with them {the scroll design then was a bit different than their current ones}, however at their price of over $100 for just the base was a bit more than I wanted to pay.

While shopping at Target one day with my mom I happened upon these lamp bases for $9.99 on clearance. I scooped them up , there were 2 left, and happily trotted off with my PB knock-offs for way less. Eventually I fell out of love with them, they were looking a bit too Mediterranean for my current taste so they've been collecting dust in the garage for over a year now. Until one day I had the bright idea of spraying one of them with the gold paint I had made the frames over with here, and using it in the living room to add some much needed interest. The second lamp broke in one of the moves so until it's fixed it still lives in the garage.

I love how classic and modern it now looks. I paired it with a large drum shade I had in the garage that I bought a few years ago at Goodwill for only a few dollars. I was planning on using it above our kitchen table after covering it with some fun fabric, one day. I love how it look on this lamp however and placed on top of a stack of books to help raise it closer to the same level as the lamp on the opposite table. {this picture doesn't show just how large the lamp is}.

{you can see what it used to look like in this post} I'm starting to like the living room now. I did a big project for it this morning and will share it with you once I'm able to get some good pictures, have I mentioned how horrible it is to take good pictures in this house, no good lighting what so ever! Anyway here's to an early Happy St. Patrick's day! {We named all of our boys with Irish names to take after their mama, just a little bit of an Irish fun fact from our house to yours, and the girl name we had picked out is also made up of 2 Irish names}.


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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

main guest room design plan.

I'm still busy working away designing the rooms in my sister and her new husband's new house that is being built. I finally finished up the main guest room for them, they'll have two guest rooms until a little one makes their way into the world sometime in the future. This is the guest room that will remain the guest room.

They received the PB mum duvet set for their wedding so that was the inspiration for the room. The black dresser they already own and re-did last year here. We will be making an upholstered headboard out of a linen or burlap fabric for great texture and above the bed will hang a collage of open vintage frames in all neutral colors. Above the dresser we will display some Cavellini calendar art in some cheap frames to help keep the cost of art down. Linen curtains from Ikea will also help add some warmth and texture but won't break the bank. We will be making an upholstered stool {next week during our visit} for some seating in the room and the basket will give some storage space for extra blankets or towels for guests. The jute is for a fun project we will be tackling next week as well. And of course some monogramming in the room to finish it off. I picked up something really cute at Target the other day for the room also. We're off to visit them next week for spring break and we plan on doing a couple of the projects while I'm up there so the room will be somewhat ready to put together when they get the word to move in. I'll be sharing them with you when I get back form the trip, I can't wait! Oh and the wall color is BM wickham grey. Are you excited to see it all come together as I am?!?


*if you'd like an idea board created to help you with a room in your home please email me at or go here for more information.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

please watch.

In highschool I wanted to go to a school that I wasn't zoned for which meant I would have to get into a magnet program in order to attend. I planned on applying for the visual arts program but had missed the open house for it so instead my dad brought me to another open house they were having for a different magnet program, just so I could see the school. We ended up attending the CIS open house, Center for International Studies, and I fell in love with the program. I applied for it and got in, now trying to stay in it is a whole other story, I didn't have the best grades. But anyway I really enjoyed the classes, we learned all about other cultures, beliefs, and people. I got to meet so many people from other parts of the country. We hosted a girl from Thialand as well as France {who I'm still friends with and talk to}, I also met other students from Japan. I loved learning about how others lived and dreamed of traveling all over the world and visiting every country. One of the countries we talked a lot about was Africa.

My friend Jenna posted something today that I couldn't help but copy. Watching the video made me think of the magnet program I was in. I'm sure we would have done some kind of fundraiser to help raise funds for the mission, and maybe even partner with them in some way. I'm not sure who is in charge of the program now, the teacher who was director of the program when I was in it died of breast cancer a few years after we graduated. But I'm sure if she was still there she would be teaching the students about this video and they would do something to help, that's the kind of program she created.

Take 30 min and watch the video below if you haven't see it already. After watching it I feel like I've heard of the concept, maybe from a movie, but had no idea who Joseph Kony is.


Amazing huh? Post it on your blog, facebook, whatever to help spread the word. I know I promised projects, they're coming. I've been taking care of a sick household and have had very little sleep so I'm kind of in zombie mode at the moment but had to share this video. Hopefully tomorrow I can share a project with you!


Thursday, March 1, 2012

golden frames.

So you've probably noticed I haven't been blogging all that much lately. I don't have an excuse except for laziness. I've been in the mood for looking through blogs rather than writing any. But hopefully I'm feeling a bit of a turn around. I've done a few projects over the past month that I'll be sharing with you over the next week. The first one involved a can of gold spray paint, dark wax, and a pair of old frames.

I studied abroad in Highschool over in France. I was involved in a foreign exchange program through my french class. {my anniversary of that trip, as well as the day my hubby and I began dating is approaching in just a few days}. While I was there a picked up a few art prints from some of the artists painting on the streets, another was given to me in a thank you package from the school I attended. I hadn't had them hanging since I lived in my parents house before college. They've been sitting in a storage case waiting. Then it dawned on me one day that I had two frames left over from another project that were just the right size, as well as some matts just the right size, bingo! Only problem, I wasn't thrilled with the frame color. Here is the before.

Here is one after I spray painted it. It was a little bright and cheapish looking for me to really commit but then I remembered the dark wax I received from my Annie Sloan prize package. I rubbed some on the frames over the gold with a rag.

Here they are now in the guest nook.

A close up of the dark wax rub. I made sure to get some into the crevices and corners so it would stand out. I was pretty liberal with it so it would be seen. They have a much deeper and old look to them now.

This house is so awkward to photograph, the lighting is horrible {that's one reason why I haven't shown too much of this house, all the pictures come out bland and yucky looking}.

I like them much better now. I called hubby in to see them. The first thing he said is "I don't like the gold". What does he know anyway? They're staying!

You can also probably tell that I'm sticking with the red pillows on the bed rather than the blue ones I made here {chance are I'll be selling the Annie Selke blue fabric ones so if you're interested please email me,}. I like the red fabrics with the paintings better. They also pop a lot better than the blue did. I'm craving color lately, this helps!

I have 2 sofa projects coming up to show you as well, I told you I have been project busy!


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