Tuesday, July 2, 2013

fun times in Charlotte.

This past week me and boys packed up and headed 9 hours north, in the car, to my sister's home in Charlotte, NC. I love visiting there so much I've been trying to convince hubby that moving there would be the best thing ever!!! Maybe one day! If you follow me on Instagram you saw a lot of our adventures already but here are some photos I caught on my real camera. Enjoy!

We did a lot of swimming...

They have an awesome slide that the boys talk about all year long...

And yes even I enjoy it, Liam looks terrified but I promise he loves it!!

There is a fun trail through the woods of their neighborhood that we walked for the first time this trip. The boys loved going on an adventure and we created a scavenger hunt along the way...

These leaves were HUGE. The photo doesn't capture just how big they were. I thought about taking some to create some botanical art with but never got back to grab some.

I'll share some photos of her neighborhood tomorrow. The houses are perfect in my opinion.

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