Wednesday, July 3, 2013

house stalking in my sister's neighborhood.

As promised here are pictures of some of the houses in my sister's neighborhood. Every one has a front porch, some even have a double balcony in front!! This one below I think is my favorite... 

Some have cedar shingles on the front, a favorite architecture feature of mine and it reminds me of my beloved new England...

Another favorite... Love the arched windows and red door.

My favorite flower was in bloom all over up there! So jealous of the states who can grow them as pretty as this and huge!!! Maybe one day...

Loved this door, it kind of reminded me of an old general store.

It's hard to really see here but I loved the side landscaping of this house. Another favorite of mine are Evergreens, again jealous of the northern states who grow them so well!

We spied this little birdhouse nailed to a tree along the street, little touches like this is what I love in a neighborhood!

I told hubby our next house has to have a front porch... or two like the one above!! L.O.V.E.
Hope you all have a wonderful and safe 4th of July tomorrow, we'll be spending ours tubing along the river, if the rain stays away!

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