Wednesday, July 10, 2013

stripes on the stairs and some family room updates.

Last year I shared with you my sister's stairway and the art we did for the space. It always bothered me and didn't quite look finished. It still looked empty, even with a gallery wall of around 15 pictures. Then one day while I was face timing my mom who was up there to help care for the new baby, I think the entryway and stairs were in the background, I brought up the idea that the entryway needed some color, possibly a dark grey but lighter than the powder bath. I convinced my sister it would look good and then convinced my mom to do the painting. Then when the issue of where to end the paint came up, I mentioned on the stairs in stripes. That way it would transition nicely into the swiss coffee colored walls that surrounded the stairs, no one wanted to scaffold 2 stories high to paint the entire stairwalls. 

I absolutely love how it turned out!!! It adds a graphic punch and interest to the otherwise boring wall. And in case anyone is wondering I believe the stripes are 12 inches wide each. You can see in the 4th picture the first grey stripe began where the entryway ceiling hit the wall. The last grey stripe is not as wide as the others but it is in just a little corner as you see from above so it's not that noticeable, don't stress out if you plan to do this same thing and can't get measurements exact... it'll be our little secret! We are still in search for a large wall clock to hang in the middle of the striped wall.

This is the wall you face when you descend the stairs. The drop leaf table use to be brown but the dark grey goes better with the color scheme of her home. Yes she too purchased some of those incredible glass lamps for a steal!!

The view from standing in the dining room. See how well it all transitions instead of a harsh paint line between walls?

Some changes have also been made to her living room. She switched out the wrought iron clock for this gorgeous mirror, I believe it was found at HomeGoods, along with some faux boxwoods and milk glass leave it simple and classic.

During a trip down here to visit we went shopping for items to fill up her bookcases. We stayed simple and went with white, glass, and natural woven items.

Eventually some framed pictures of their little one will be hung above the tv to help fill in that space and create a "bridge" between the bookcases. I think that concludes the updates made to my sister's house for now. Thanks Carlie and Matt for letting me take some risks and trusting me with your home's look. Now to finish my own!!!

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Cameron Stimson said...

It looks amazing!!! Can you come to Memphis please?!? ;) Have a great weekend!!

Cameron {The Stimson Chronicles}