Sunday, December 1, 2013

is anyone still there?!?!?

Hello?!?! Is anyone still here?!?!? So I kind of took a non planned vacation from blogging, an over 4 month vacation, yikes!!! However I kind of have a good excuse. We've had a lot of things happen around here since we last talked. We moved {I know big surprise there}, started school {I now have 2 in grade school, ahhh}, celebrated an 8th birthday, participated in the annual craft fair I do each year, started a once a month mom's day away craft day, and the biggest change that's happened over here {the one that started this forever long hiatus}, we are expecting baby boy #4!!!

While I was thinking it could only be time a baby girl entered our family, I was completely wrong! This pregnancy completely turned my world around for a few months. I had the true first trimester sickness that a lot of women face but I never truly experienced to the fullest until mid July rolled around! Let's just say I slept a lot and participated in another activity I'll spare you with, and the boys had full run of the house... it was a disaster. On top of that we moved right in the midst of it and no lie, I didn't pack a thing until actual moving day, as if my stress level wasn't already high with everything going on... I like to live on the wild side!

The boys are completely thrilled and excited for their new brother to arrive this spring. If you would like to view the videos we made to announce the future arrival and the gender, the links are below... You'll even get a sneak peek at the new place. The first one is the announcement and the second is the reveal, just click on the "watch on Vimeo" button on each one to view it.
I have a ton to catch up on here and a million and one posts to write involving new projects, makeovers, decorating, crafts, and even some recipes... I didn't forget about this place! Hopefully I can get back to a normal blog schedule again, at least until baby is here, and then I'm sure I'll be so much in zombie land none of my posts will even make sense! I'll be back tomorrow with a cookie recipe for this holiday season!

xoxo, Meg


Creative Raisins said...

Well I would say that those are some really good reasons to take a break. Congrats on Baby #4.

Janice at NearlyHandmade said...

haha my "blog" ... can I even still call it that?! has been soo dusty, too! Baby #3 is baking for me and I've just been too tired to even consider "blogging" right now. Your videos are just precious and I'm so excited for your family to grow by another little man! Congratulations, again!! So happy for you!!