Wednesday, May 28, 2014

DIY: brass letters.

This is probably the easiest DIY there is but I thought I'd share it anyway. I've seen a lot of faux zinc letter tutorials but this one is for antiqued brass letters.

what you'll need:

paper mache letters
gold metallic spray paint
dark wax or stain

Start by spray painting your letter{s}.

To add a bit of variety to the letters concentrate spraying in a single spot too {you can see where I did this at the top of the leg here}.

After spraying I felt the gold alone was a little too flat and shiny. I used some dark wax and blotched it all over the letters adding texture and depth.

There's no right or wrong way, just work with the wax until you get a look you like.

Let it dry and wa-la...

I created these to hang in the older boys room. It goes well with the Nate Berkus brass lamp and faux brass drawer handles.

And I love how it reflects light making it look more real than a quick DIY faux treatment.

Once I finish painting the walls I will share the rest of the bunk room. I keep hoping the paint fairy will do it one night while we're sleeping, but that hasn't happened yet...


Saturday, May 3, 2014

Shop additions.

There's a new growth chart color in the shop. Introducing Vintage Grey. It's color reminds me of a favorite old, worn in t-shirt.

It comes in the original large width and now in a smaller width as well. You can choose which option you want when you checkout.

The original vintage stain ruler now comes in the smaller width too. Again you can choose which width you want when you checkout. All rulers are sealed for durability.

I've also listed some more Richard Scarry story book frames I found in storage. I still have a few letter frames available as well. If you don't see the letter you want listed just convo me letting me know which letter you want and I'll check to see if I still have it. I know for a fact all of my E's are gone in both styles.

Have a good weekend. And if you're anywhere near my neck of the woods don't forget your umbrella! Will this rain ever stop?!?! Stay dry my friends!


Thursday, May 1, 2014

currently crushing...

I recently had the opportunity to browse around Target with only one little one who happened to be sleeping so pretty much it was mommy alone time, and came across some new products there that I'm completely crushing on at the moment. I've added the link to each one, just click on each picture.

I love this cookie jar! The lid is much  more gold looking in person than it is in this picture.

We've had the same paper towel holder since we moved into our first home, and while it still works fine, it's not exactly my style anymore. I love this entire collection and feel an update coming soon to our kitchen.

I'm pretty sure Nate Berkus could do no wrong! His latest collection at Target supports my theory. This arrow tray/plate is perfect for my arrow obsession at the moment.

Perfect for the tray on our ottoman, you know until the little bug is able to pull himself up and disrupt the prettiness.

Our family has a slight obsession with birds and turtles. This decorative box would work with the latter and is begging to come live with us.

Have you seen Threshold's herringbone blankets? They introduced them about a year ago if I remember correctly. I've been wishing every night on the first star I see (well maybe not every night) that they would make them in a throw size, and they finally have!!! They have them in a geometric design too. I'm love the coral, 2 please!

One day we will have a completed grown up looking bedroom, and when we do I want these lamps on our bedside tables. The glass + the brass + the curves = perfection!

Those are my current crushes at the moment. What are you crushing on lately?

(Target did not ask me to post my opinion on these items, just thought I'd share what I'm loving these days. However if they would like to give me any of these items to try out and report back on I'd be more than happy to take them off your hands!!! Just saying!)