Monday, February 16, 2015

Client Reveal: The Morrow Residence

Just before last summer, I began helping a friend/client with her home. She has great style on her own but needed help cleaning it up and pulling it all together. She'd been leaning toward the nautical side for some time so that was our inspiration.

This is what you  see when you first enter their home.

Here you can see how the rooms are situated with each other, as well as a quick glimpse into the family room.

The dining area has to be my favorite. The plates on the wall are the plates they received for their wedding and were sitting in the back of a cupboard never being used. Now they are the focal point of this area and can be enjoyed every day.

We went with a simple no fuss vignette on the buffet so we didn't take away from the main attraction. The crisp white, navy, and coral piece help bring that nod of nautical to this area without screaming "AHOY".

Her bookcase turned "hutch" displays more wedding dishes and other white dishes she didn't use too often, as well as a couple more pieces of coral and woven baskets for hidden storage.

And now onto the family room. We added more navy accents with the pillows as well as some cream colored ones to help lighten up the sectional. The lamps and ottoman tray continue the woven texture onto this side of the home. In the future a big, sisal or jute rug would be perfect in here.

More coral on the ottoman and tv console continue.

As in most homes, the husband wants a large tv and the wife could do without. To help the tv not be the focal point of the room, we created a gallery wall of family pictures around the tv following the ceiling lines. Although the frames are mismatched, we went with all black minus a few small ones she painted brass to help tie in a few other brass pieces throughout their space. This helps them look more like a coordinated group rather than chaos on the wall.

We're currently working on the master bedroom and kitchen so I'll be sure to share pictures of those spaces when they are done. 

The DIY post for the porthole inspired mirror in the entry way can be found HERE.

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