Monday, March 9, 2015

Woven Baskets Anonymous.

When it comes to decorating, one of my weaknesses is woven baskets. I can never have enough! Lucky for me they are not only pretty but functional too, can anyone ever have too much storage? I love the texture and warmth they bring to a room. As far as I'm concerned a room is not done until there is a basket in it!

There are so many uses for baskets. Here are some of my favorites around my home and what I use them for.

In the dining room I have a large woven tray in the center of our table to hold a few pretty pieces. (it use to live on our ottoman until the baby thought it would be fun to keep pulling off and onto the floor):

This is one of my newest additions and lives on top of our dresser in the bedroom, it holds all of my hubby's game accessories. It not only adds some interest to our dresser but helps keep things I'd rather not be out, hidden:

This little tray lives on my nightstand and holds a few small things to help keep my side of the bed a bit neater looking:

Here is where I keep my magazines. It also brings in some visual interest against the side of our white sofa:

This little one was a recent thrift store find. It fits perfectly on our hutch and holds some of our bowls and mugs:

In the guest bathroom, we use this cute little basket for a wastebasket. I love the dyed blue stripes on it and the handles:

In the baby's room I have loads of baskets for storage solutions. These two hold some of his toys and stuffed animals. I love the contrast between their colors (even though technically the light one is knit rather than woven):

A pair of these live in his room too and they hold diaper changing items. It's the perfect size for all of our reusable diapers in one and wipes and disposable diapers in the other:

Wondering the best places to shop for baskets and how much you should pay for them? My favorite places to look are Marshall's, Home Goods, Tj Maxx, Ross, and Target for the best deals. I often find them on clearance in these stores for less than $10 but even at regular price they won't cost you over $20 unless you get giant ones in which I've seen them up to $50 but I'm talking HUGE! Thrift stores are a great place too where you can find them for around $1 or even less.

I was curious to see just how many woven baskets we have in our home, care to guess? Hubby first guessed 12 and by my reaction he changed to 22 (obviously he doesn't look around too much), the magic number is 36. And those aren't counting the ones in the garage lost in the mess we have out there or the baskets that are not woven.

So next time you're looking for more storage options, try looking at using baskets. They'll not only add more storage to your space but bring in texture and warmth as well.

*Meg (aka basket hoarder)