Monday, April 27, 2015

ORC- Week 4, The Great Art Debate.

I know I'm sooo late in posting this week's ORC updates and forget about mentioning last week's where I didn't post a thing!! We've had a lot of family in town and I was just lazy busy and never got around to it. I have purchased some stools for around the table (which I'm still trying to figure out what to do with) in a red/coral color. I found them on clearance at Hobby Lobby and had to drive around visiting and calling multiple stores to find 4 of them.

I'm currently debating art work for the large wall in the room. The thing is, this wall is the first thing you see when you walk in to our home as it's across from the front door. I love seeing these gigantic pictures of the beach or water and have some pictures I took from our vacation last summer in Seaside that would be perfect blown up to get this same look...

This Is Happening: Oversized Statement Art via @domainehome. We love this super-sized print above the entryway bench!

Studio McGee_Coastal Retreat 25.jpg

Amy Meier Design - Interior decorator design portfolio

But I'm afraid it may be too modern looking for our home so I haven't ordered an large prints of our photos yet. Another option is some word art like this below. Just one large piece with a saying on it...

Christmas 2014 Home Tour - Life On Virginia Street - Entryway Doxology Canvas

Or a simple pattern on a large scale blown up...

Miller Vestibule 8.jpg

Or forget the whole one large scale piece and go with a gallery wall like this...


The dining room is right across from this room and the wall in questions continues into there (there is a cut out to enter into the kitchen and the rest of our home) and my main reason for the great art debate is how both sides of the wall should interact with each other... should the art on either side be symmetrical, or all their own design? Why is it so hard for us to decorate our own home but so easy to go into any other home and have ideas right away??? Does anyone else have this issue??

Which art direction do you think I should go with? What would you go with if it were your home?? Maybe I'll make up my mind by Thursday and let you know in that post!


(first 4 photos can be found on my Pinterest page- and last two are from Studio McGee)

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