Monday, May 11, 2015

DIY: Gold Frames

As promised here is how I made the gold frames for the ORC last week....

I found some cheap, black frames from Walmart, each one was under $8! I took out the glass, matte, and backing and set the frames up like this...

Then I used my trusty ol' Rub'n'Buff in antique gold to make them look all fancy! Warning, your finger may be gold for a few days... but it's worth it. You might be able to use a brush or cloth to do this but I always use my finger as I think it works best. Also this little tube goes a loooooong way! I've had it forever and can't count the amount of projects I've done with it!

Then put your frames back together (it doesn't take long to dry), hang them up, and admire your expensive, gallery looking frames that cost you less than $8 each to make!

I didn't worry about getting a full coat on them and opted to let some of the black show a little so they looked a bit more aged. 

Now go get yourself some gold fingers!!!


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