Monday, June 8, 2015

Design Board: The Cullen's Foyer

My sister and her husband just moved into a new house and have asked me once again to help them make it a home. My sister wants the main color in the house to be blue. She inherited a console table from my parents which she painted a muted navy and placed it along the wall in their entryway. She's also placed the blue and white Ralph Lauren gourd lamp on top of it. Here is the inspiration board I came up with to help her with the rest of the space:

Cullen's Foyer

Cullen's Foyer by winderandmain

I'm suggesting a large white mirror (it's a pretty big wall), possibly scalloped to provide some interest against their cream walls. The lamp's shade should be replaced with a classic black one. Some woven baskets for storage (possibly shoes or extra toys that make their way down stairs from the playroom) gathered under the table. A ceramic garden stool in a white and blue stripe pattern next to the table (holding some greenery if her little one and dog will leave it there ;) ). A Persian rug in neutral colors with a hint of navy and blue to anchor the space. And a pop of coral on the table as a tray or little box to hold keys or any loose items.
What do you think? I'm kinda in love with it!

I'll keep you updated on the status of how this space comes along (and the rest of the home too).


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