Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Succulent Secrets From a Wannabe Gardener.

A couple of weeks ago I shared this DIY agate art and in the pictures were some succulents in one of my favorite milk glass jars. Today I thought I'd share my succulent secrets... if you want to call them that.

I love the multiple shades of green  succulents offer when they are grouped together, not to mention how easy they are as they don't require too much maintenance. However I still have managed to kill every one I bring into the house, although on the plus side they do last longer than any other kind of plant I try to bring inside.  So here is how I'm making this group last... They're fake!
I spotted them in the Make Market at Michael's and out of all of the fake succulents I have ever seen, these by far look the most real. In fact next to my real ones, they look identical! So go ahead and buy yourself a few sticks, trim them down however much you need them to be ( I took off those purple flowers), and arrange them in a pot full of soil, (it not only helps to fake people out but also holds them in well).

Stand back and admire your plants that you know you won't have to worry about watering and killing if you have a black thumb like me.

Here is a picture of my fake ones and my real ones next to each other... pretty much the same right? Although to be perfectly honest, the real ones were photographed a few months ago and have now exploded and outgrowing the bucket they are in, but they are still alive which is a huge accomplishment for me!

The moral of the story, in the past faux plants looked nothing like the real thing and often way to plasticy (it's a word), but now a days you can find almost any plant in a faux version that will trick almost any eye into thinking it's the real thing!

Now to get a faux fiddle leaf tree, I've heard Pottery Barn has a good one however I can't seem to find it on their site...

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