Thursday, August 20, 2015

Our Vermont Trip part 2- The Grounds at Trout Lilly Farm

Like I mentioned in yesterday's post, we rented a farmhouse called Trout Lilly Farm for a week in Waterbury, Vermont. The majority of the time if we were at the farmhouse, we were outside. The grounds are absolutely beautiful and the boys (and I), loved being outside in the middle of summer and not get hot or sticky or muggy like we do down here in Florida at this time. On the grounds they have a horse farm. We were only allowed to go down to the barn if the owner or her daughters who ride the horses were there. My oldest waited on pins and needles every day for them to arrive so he could go down and see the horses.

The girl you see here on the white horse named Simon (he's from Ireland) were getting ready for a jumping competition the week after we were to leave. It was so much fun watching them practice.

Here is a close up of Simon. One night they allowed Ryan to help clean him up after a ride.

I think I mentioned yesterday also that they acquired a miniature pony while we were there. They had told Ryan when they would be bringing her home so Ryan waited all day till it was 6pm for them to pull up with Paisley. She really was the sweetest and cutest little thing! I won't be surprised if a miniature pony shows up on at least one of their Christmas lists this year!

This is the youngest daughter who was the one practicing for the jumping competition with Simon. Ev loved this pony, it was just his size!

Breaking up their huge back yard was a slate stacked wall. This is where the boys would sit as soon as the horses came out to watch them jump.

My dad taught Liam all about nature which he loved! Here he's showing him and my nephew what buttercups are. He also introduced him to sweet clover... I think Liam may have eaten more sweet clover while we were there than actual food!

He definitely takes after me when it comes to nature. He loved picking me bouquets of wild flowers! By the time we left, we had a huge bouquet on the kitchen counter.

Lots of outdoor games like golf, football, soccer, badminton, baseball, and some catch the ball game were played throughout each day.

The boys and I took advantage of the soft, plush lawn and were barefoot whenever we went out there. I think I may miss that most of all! Here we have ants and prickers everywhere!

I'm pretty sure this guy had never been happier than when he was running around barefoot outside! I pretty much let them go free when we are up there. Something they can't do here. It's so nice!

We entertained both sides of the family at the house and ate outside both times. It was such a nice change from here. and the view couldn't have gotten any better!

Ev would take advantage of anyone who would take him to the lower yard area. My aunt fell for it!

There were a ton of raspberry bushes on the property which she encouraged us to pick, so pick we did and filled 2 big bowls! The kids finally figured out they like raspberries... maybe it makes a difference when you pick them yourself.

We celebrated daddyo's birthday while we were up there.

This particular evening the mountains looked like they were on fire... it was gorgeous!

They don't own any cows but she lends some land to one of her neighbors who does. One morning they all migrated down near the fence by the house. I think Vermont cows are the prettiest!

Camel's Hump is a popular mountain in Vermont and if you stood down by the barn, there was a perfect view of it!

We thought for sure we'd get a big storm with this cloud but it passed us by.

This was the perfect spot to sit and watch my boys play.

Tomorrow I'll share everywhere we went and the activities we did off the property.


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