Wednesday, December 23, 2015

A few snippets of Christmas around the house.

Being that it's almost Christmas and decorations will be coming down soon after, I thought I would snap a few photos of the Christmas cheer spread throughout the house this year.

In the dining room I'm growing paper whites again. A couple stems have bloomed, I'm hoping Christmas morning I'll wake to find them all in bloom!

This was how I decorated the front door chalk board for Thanksgiving and I've never changed the saying on it, but I think it still works.

My first One Room Challenge makeover has had a few changes to it. This wall now holds my large chalkboard and craft supply shelves.

These "snow globes" are the easiest thing ever. We did them last year for one of the mom craft day get togethers I host each month. All you need is a mason jar (these came from the Target dollar spot), lightly spray the sides of the inside with an spray adhesive (don't spray the bottom of the jar), sprinkle a little glitter, hot glue a little bottle brush tree to the bottom, and add some fake snow.

This area is super hard to photograph because there is no direct natural light in our kitchen and it was very overcast this morning when I snapped the photos.

We don't have a mantel so the stockings get hung on our DIY coat rack (2 hooks are missing because I broke the screw still inside the hook, oops!). Stockings came from TjMaxx a few years ago. Letter ornaments are from Target last year, also lie to me and tell me that J is really an I!

Jolly pillow from TjMaxx, and antler pillow from my shop.

This is my favorite way to hang our Christmas cards! I'm tempted to leave them up all year!!

Our advent calendar, just the star is left!!

This year I hung wreaths with berry garland on them, on the front of a couple of our kitchen cabinets, I love the look!!

Another win for DW Home candles!! Love love love this one!! You can find them at TjMaxx stores!

And what's a Christmas tour post without some Santa Claus? Our annual visit to Santa's Chalet at Disney Springs (although it will always be The Village to me!!)

I had to add this one in, Ev was so scared of Santa again this year and wouldn't take his eyes off him just in case he tried to pull any shenanigans! Maybe next year he'll give the big guy a chance!

Hope you enjoyed the tour! Maybe next year I'll get my act together and give the tour a bit earlier than 2 days before Christmas!! Ahhh!


Thursday, December 10, 2015

DIY: Easy Silhouette Christmas Ornaments.

If you've been reading my blog for a few years then you may recall that every year I do a homemade ornament with the boys for our tree and one for each of the grandparents. I also host a once a month Mom's Craft Day for friends (more on that in a later post). This past month I combined the 2 and taught everyone how to make silhouette ornaments of their kids.

There are many ways to create silhouettes but this is the method I have used for probably the past 8 years and it always works! You can always pay to have silhouettes done (we get one of each of the boys on their first trip to Disney as it was a tradition with me growing up as well), but they really aren't that hard to do.

Step 1:
Take a side picture of your child, or dog, or whatever it is you want a silhouette of.

Step 2:
I've done this on the computer each time but this time I decided to use my phone as that is where my picture was and it happened to be the exact size I needed it to be. Place a piece of paper over the picture and lightly trace the outline of your subject with a pencil. It's up to you how much detail you want to capture as you outline.
HINT: be sure to only touch the rim of your phone with your hand as it will make the picture move or disappear if you touch the screen as you're doing it.

Step 3:
Cut out your outline. The small the scissors the better.

Step 4:
Choose what color you want your silhouette to be. With this one I chose to do the traditional black. Place your cut out onto the paper.
HINT: make sure to have it facing the opposite way you want the final product to face.

Step 5:
Trace the outline onto the paper.

Step 6:
Begin cutting out your silhouette. For hair detail cut like I did here, Then go back and cut out the bangs rather than trying to cut it out all at once. This way prevents tears as your try to maneuver the scissors and is so much easier.

Step 7:
Your final product should look just like the picture you took to begin with.

Step 8:
You can place these silhouette's on pretty much any surface. For the grandparent ornaments, I found a paper mache cube and decided to put a silhouette of each of the boys on each side. Before I put the silhouette on, I wanted to cover the sides and chose this gold sticky paper. I think I found it at JoAnn's and it comes in a bunch of different colors.

Step 9:
If you're covering a surface first, trace the outline of your ornament on the back of the paper so you know how big it needs to be.

Step 10:
Peel or glue the background paper.

Step 11:
And place it on the ornament. You can trim any over hang.

Step 12:
Put decoupage on the back side of your silhouette.

Step 13:
And place it onto the ornament.

Step 14:
Once it's dried, go over the entire side/ornament with decoupage to seal it.

Here are a few different variations I did. The red ones are painted instead of using paper for the background color. The red and black one, I added some crystal clear paint to it so there was some sparkle to it and not so flat since the others had some gold sparkle on them.

Here are some other options you could use that these silhouettes would look good on... A friend of mine did her silhouettes on the gold paper and then placed them on the black ornaments and they turned out beautiful!

Here are the ones I made for our tree. They are on a glossy porcelain ornament and in case you're wondering if it keeps the glossy factor after decoupaging, it does!

Way easier than you'd think right?!?

How fun would it be to create a silhouette of your kids each year and one day have a silhouette tree?? That's my goal one year! Remember to write the year it was created on the back, and who it is in case you forget in the years to come... or if 2 of yours look almost identical like mine!

Happy crafting!


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