Friday, August 12, 2016

An Apple for the Teacher: First Day of School Gift Idea.

 So yesterday my kids went back to school (imagine me as the dad in the Staples commercial singing "It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year"). I love them but this mama needs a vacation from the summer! If you follow along on Instagram, you may recall 2 of my kids switching schools half way through last year and deciding to homeschool my oldest after our beloved school of 5 years started heading south. We know a lot of the families at our new school but I don't know the teachers or staff that well so I thought maybe a nice little back to school present for our teachers may be in order, yes I was the teacher's pet growing up. I had the idea of taking the traditional apple gift and updating it a bit. 
I fell in love with a candle by DW Home called Fresh Apple Tart. It smells amazing if you're looking for a good autumn time candle soon (you can find it at Tj Maxx). When I went to pick some up for the teachers, I couldn't find that exact scent but I did find Apple Cider which smells amazing too, so we went with that option.

I wrapped each one with a ribbon (I added a little bit of tape on the bottom and top to keep the ribbon from sliding off). Also a good way to remove those pesky, sticky price tags is to use a hair dryer. Just point it to the sticker for a minute and it will come off in one easy peel.

Before we left for school we wrapped them in tissue paper and placed them in little red gift bags with this prinout I found as a little note of encouragement for the start of a new year.

And since I have apples and Autumn on the brain, I found a few more apple options that might make cute teacher gifts if you want to go with an updated take on the traditional gift. Click on the numbers below to go to each product directly.

Modern Take on a Traditional Teacher Gift
1- / 2- / 3- / 4- / 5- / 6- / 7- / 8- / 9-
(Blogger is not letting me link to all of them, but if you go to the websites listed and search for "apple", they will pop up. I'll keep trying to set up the links if it ever allows me)

So tell me, are you ready for school to be back in so you can recoup after summer break, or are you wishing summer break would never end?