Thursday, September 1, 2016

Kitchen Chair Inspiration

Guess what?! We're building a house! I'm so excited, my head is spinning with ideas! I'll be sharing progress on it as it moves along as well as sneak peeks, I can't wait till they break ground! If you follow along on Instagram, then you might have seen we already had our design center meeting, and survived it. We were able to get just about everything we wanted on our wish list. There was only one detail they say they aren't able to fulfill that left me a bit disappointed but I'll get to that in another post. For now I'm thinking about our kitchen, mainly the breakfast nook area. We are in need of a new kitchen table as ours has been taken apart and put back together too many times I think that it's just too wobbly no matter what we do to fix it. Our chairs are still in decent shape structure wise but they really need a makeover. The finish is horrible thanks to all of the little hands and art projects in the house. 
I've been browsing Pinterest lately and while I've always loved mixing and matching tables with chairs, I've started contemplating going with a fun color on the chairs. Not sure if I will refinish our chairs or opt for new ones but here are some of the inspiration pictures I've found recently with not so neutral color chair options...
I couldn't find the link to this picture.


These next pictures might be a bit too loud for me but I still love how they look!

Can you guess which color I'm contemplating most? I've rounded up some of my top picks below. They're all from and won't break the bank. (Follow the link below to my polyvore site and you'll be given a direct link for each product)
Colorful kitchen chair round up
Now tell me, do you prefer neutral colors all around, or do you like a pop of color around the kitchen table?

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