Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Mom's Craft Day Post No. 1.

I think I may have mentioned it before on here, but once a month I try to organize a craft day for some of my mom friends. We've been doing it for 3 years now and I look forward to it each month. It's some nice, much needed, girl time when living with 5 guys! We eat, drink, chat, and craft. During the Fall and Holiday months I try to think up a craft that pertains to the season. This past weekend we made decorative signs with a Fall/ Thanksgiving theme.
It was the most easy craft we have done to date, and there have been a couple easy ones. All of the materials came from the dollar section at Target and cost just under $7 after tax per person. 
We began with these round wood "canvases".
The bonus to these is they were painted with a pretty navy chalkboard paint and had pretty, copper glitter on the edges to them already.
Then we used these adhesive wood cutouts to decorate our canvases with.
A little tip when deciding how to arrange your design, the cut outs are all on the same plastic piece in the packaging so if you separate them by cutting each piece out, you can arrange and rearrange until you find a design you like. Although they have an adhesive back, they can be taken off with a little effort (if you do stick it onto the wood) and will still re-stick pretty good if you mess up and don't like where you placed it... That may have happened a few times.
See super easy right? It also came with the string to hang already attached. So really the only think we had to do with this craft was decide on how we wanted the cutouts arranged. All of these materials should still be available in your local Target dollar spot. If not, I've seen similar pieces at craft stores like Michael's, Joann's, and Hobby Lobby. I'm not sure if their cutouts have a sticky back but some E6000 can fix that.
Happy crafting!