Wednesday, April 26, 2017

ORC Week 4: Dresser Revamp

It's week 4 which means there's only 2 weeks left, ahh so much to do. But what has been done is a dresser makeover. If you remember from week 1 here is what our bedroom dresser looked like...
It actually wasn't a bad stain color, however it had a few scratches and chips that needed to be repaired so I made the decision to repaint the entire piece.
Last week I mentioned painting it a light blue with a heavy grey undertone, and I was just about to purchase a can of paint but then I found this chair to use in a corner near the dresser and it happened to be the exact same color.
Thinking it would be too much of the same color in one area I found a new color, Deep River Green, which turned out to be the creamiest, dark blue green color, and it's perfect!
I also came upon this furniture paint by Valspar, I've never used it before but it advertised as no needing to sand or prime so I figured I'd try it out.
Here is a picture during the process. The drawer on top has only one coat, while the bottom one has two. I applied it with a foam roller brush and a bristle brush for the detailed trim areas.
I love the finished result! It's perfect!!

I chose to keep the original hardware. I love having a vintage piece in a room to add some soul. It helps with the collected feel that I love!
Besides getting the dresser finished and finding a chair for the corner of the room, I've also picked up pillows for the bed.
The blue euros are from Pottery Barn while the front linen pillow is from Erin Gates collection and found at TjMaxx.
That's all the updates so far. Hopefully this week I can get the headboard situation finalized, and figure out art, and the nightstand on my side of the bed. Oh and finish picking out accessories because it's all on the details, not much right?
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Thursday, April 20, 2017

ORC Week 3: Master Bedroom

We're half way through and honestly not much has changed since last week, oops. I work better at last minute! I have ordered a couple of these euro pillow covers for the bed...

I'll be picking up an all white duvet cover this week and be on the look out for a fun lumbar to pair with the euros above.

I've decided I'm going to paint our dresser (if you follow along on Instagram then you probably saw the color choices I had taped up on to it trying to decide). I think I've decided on this, Misty Surf by Valspar...

 It's a light blue with a heavy grey undertone to keep it from looking too babyish and just enough modern. I think I'll keep our hardware that's on it to keep the vintage flair.


We're still debating on a bed/headboard situation. I found this one on of all places. My mom has it in a dark grey and it looks really nice and much more expensive than you would think coming from where it comes from.

Daddyo isn't completely sold on it yet but I have a feeling this will be it.


Some artwork I keep looking at and need to order, all from

From here.

From here.


I've hung the curtain rod finally after fighting with the wall and screws for 2 days! I need to browse lamps and night stands. As much as I want to use the drop leaf table from my MIL, I'm not sure I can find something that will pair with it well for the room as we only have one. I might share what I find on Instagram as I go shopping this week, @WinderandMain if you're not already following along. And be on the look out for a reading chair as Daddyo has mentioned he thinks a chair will look good in the corner and who am I to argue about buying furniture?


I'm sure most others are much further along than I am. You can see the updates from the other participants here.


Now to go paint!



Wednesday, April 12, 2017

ORC Week 2: Master Bedroom

It's week 2 and not much has been done besides cleaning out our bedroom, and coming up with a final design plan...
Master bedroom design by Winder and Main
Like I mentioned last week, our room is already painted Benjamin Moore's Pale Oak. We decided on doing some molding and trim work on the focal wall behind our bed, similar to this design below.
We will stay with neutral bedding in a crisp white, with some fun pillows for a pop of color. I'm still narrowing it down to what kind of bed or headboard we will use.
Found here.
Found here
Art pieces from Etsy and Minted will bring in more pops of color.
My mother in law gave us an old drop leaf table similar to that in the design board that I will use as a nightstand on one side, and I'm thinking a small writing desk will work well as a nightstand on the other. I'm debating switching out our mismatched lamps for a matching pair, or keeping my Ralph Lauren artichoke looking lamp and finding another that works well with it for the opposite side of the bed.
Lots of work to be done! I'm hoping I have a heavier progress post next week for you with pictures of what's happening! You can follow along on Instagram to see snippets of the transformation before the blog posts @WinderandMain .
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Thursday, April 6, 2017

One Room Challenge: week 1

It's time for another round of the One Room Challenge! It's been a little bit since I participated because of the move into our new house but this time it's perfect due to all of the rooms I need to put together. This year I've decided to focus on our master bedroom. It seems that our room is always the last room given any attention if I get to it at all. This time around I'm making it a priority to put together a relaxing and restful getaway for us at the end of the day. It really is a blank slate. 
We painted the walls Pale Oak by Benjamin Moore prior to moving in so the color is staying. I love it. It's the perfect creamy greige, and it only took me about 2 dozen different paint sample pots to decide on it!
I've done nothing to it since our move 3 months ago. It's kind of become a holding room for items waiting to be stored away.

The list to be done is kind of long but that just means a greater transformation in the end right? Still not 100% sure what I want to do, but I know what needs to be addressed.


Bed platform?
   Paisley neutral curtains already owned
   Above bed? (Depending on focal wall)
   Each side of tv
   Each side of bath door
Night stands
Redo dresser?:
   Paint a soft creamy grey
Focal wall (bed wall):
   Board and batten
   Faux wallpaper/stencil
Makeover mirrors for over night stands 
Ottoman/ bench in front of window
Reading nook in tv and window wall corner?

 I've been browsing Pinterest to find some inspiration pictures so I can pick a direction to go in. Here are a few of my favorite images: 

 Via here.



Via here.


Via here.


Via here.


Lots of cozy neutral bedding with blue accents and a pop of color here and there. That's the broad plan at the moment. Next week I'll hopefully have a design board and have found a new place for all of the clutter that has piled up in there since the move.


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